City Of Shadows : Monster Uprising

Planned Release Date: 2024

Planned Release Price: $20 USD

Official Game Trailer

(above) Check out some game footage!

The Story

In the heart of a sprawling metropolis, once a thriving and bustling city, there is now only chaos. A malevolent force, long imprisoned deep beneath the city, has been unleashed, giving rise to a nightmarish horde of monsters. The city's inhabitants are trapped and isolated from the outside world, their only hope lying in a returning hero.


Protagonist: Meet Alex Klint, a former resident of the city who, as a child, witnessed the unspeakable horrors that took place during the initial emergence of the monsters. His family barely escaped with their lives, and they relocated far away. Now, years later, an exceptional soldier with a dark past, Alex is called back to his hometown. He's the city's last hope, as he's one of the few who understands the monsters' weaknesses.

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