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What will the Thunderstruck Season look like?

Firstly, people of all ages are invited to participate in our event. Schools are also invited to participate! This year, each game must fit the chosen theme of the season. This season, the theme is Thunderstruck. Each game will consist of things relating to electricity/energy/thunder/lightning in some way. Competitors will have 1 week to build the game and submit it for judge review. Below is the judging criteria that will be used during the competition. *

(Total Possible Points Given By A Judge: 100)

*Keep in mind that the scoring criteria can be changed at any time!

Once the week is over, contestants will submit their game through a separate form to submit the game to the judges. Once a game is submitted, IT CAN NOT BE EDITED. If you do not submit your game in time, you will be disqualified. After the judges review the game submissions, the winners & the qualifiers will be announced. Some games reviewed over the live broadcast. The winners of this event will then qualify to compete in the finals, where they will have 72 hours (3 days) to make their final game. Their final game, once again, MUST FIT THE SEASON THEME. Once time is up, competitors are expected to submit their game to the judges. From there on, each game will be reviewed over livestream. At the end of the stream, the judges will chat about the games, all making their decisions on who should win. When the winner is decided, they will be announced over livestream, and will forever be known as the SF24 Season Champion(s), and will receive their own FSS merch** and a 3D Printed Trophy.**

We hope you all are as excited as we are, for the 3rd Official Season of Scratch's Finest!

We are in no way affiliated with MIT, Scratch, or any of their partners.

**Trophy & Merch may or may not be awarded depending on placement.